6717 Dashboard on 17559 Kernel

What does this do?

This cool little trick lets you emulate a functioning ‘blades’ dashboard on the latest kernel. It works in the same way you’d make Aurora, Freestyle dash or another alternate dashboard your ‘default’ dashboard. 

Elements such as guide menu still show up as 17559 kernel style, however your main dashboard gets replaced – you can revert this change by following steps backwards!

What you're going to need

  • An RGH’ed XBOX 360 Console

  • Proto Stealth server (Download)

  • The 6717 Dashboard files (Download)


  1. Download Proto Stealth from link above

  2. Download the 6717 dashboard files from link above

  3. Remote into your XBOX 360 via Neighborhood, FTP, File manager on the console etc.

  4. Make a folder on root of XBOX HDD called whatever you like – I called mine 6717 Dashboard

  5. Put the 6717 dashboard files you downloaded earlier into the folder you just created

  6. Put the Proto.xex stealth server onto the root of your HDD

  7. Turn the XBOX on and go into Dashlaunch

  8. Set Proto.xex on the root of your HDD to plugin #2

  9. Go to paths and set the 6717 Dashboard files default.xex as the default path

  10. Scroll with RB and save the dashlaunch config to HDD

  11. Reboot – profit!

Video showcase

Guide by Larvs#9526