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XBOX360HUB GAME-NIGHT! BLACK OPS 2 (10-9-21) (and an announcement…)

Hi guys, I’m not going to sugarcoat this, I think it’s best to give it to y’all direct. On October 9th, 2021, after gamenight I’ll be stepping down from my position as Event Coordinator here in the hub. This decision was certainly one of the hardest I’ve ever considered, but I feel like this choice…
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Hey, everyone! Halo Month 2021 is upon us! What does that mean? Well, this entire month is dedicated in celebrating one of the greatest FPS games to ever hit shelves, Halo! All gamenights will be Halo games for the month of September. 🙂 What’s the schedule? September 4 – Halo Reach September 11 – Halo…
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Hey, cowboys!! On Saturday, August 28th, 2021, we are playing one the 360’s most recognized games, Red Dead Redemption! Got your golden gun? Ride your house to the sunset, start a bar fight for no good reason, tense yourself up in a standoff & dust off that controller for one more match over at the…
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