Community Updates


Hello everyone! This Friday the 10th @ 7PM EST we will be hosting this years 1st game-night with the everlasting classic Halo 3 🙂 so grab your energy swords and lets meet each other on the battlefields!  Anyone that wants to join, just hop in discords voice chat (no mic required) and ask for invite…
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Xiao360 Glitch Chip & NAND Flasher by Team Rebug released as open source!

The Fine folks over at the Rebug Team (which most famously known for their work in the PS3 scene) have created their version of a Xbox 360 RGH Glitch chip! Its Open Source so anyone can take a look and improve upon its design & its both a glitch chip and a SPI NAND flasher!…
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HAPPY NEW YEARS WITH A FRESHLY REVIVED WEBSITE! 🙂 Happy new year to all our members! I hope your new year is going great so far. We have many new things in store for this coming year so please stay tuned for all the amazing fun we will continue to have!