RGH 1.2 Guide


RGH, or Reset Glitch Hack is a way of running unsigned code, such as homebrew on your Xbox 360 console. Throughout the Xbox 360’s lifespan there have been a couple different revisions of the RGH. This guide will show you from start to finish how to RGH 1.2 your Xbox 360.

Can I RGH 1.2 my Xbox 360?

Good question! If you have a Falcon, Opus, or Jasper revision Xbox 360 you can RGH 1.2 your Xbox, regardless of dashboard version. If you aren’t sure what revision Xbox 360 you have, you can check here. If your console isn’t one of the supported boards take a look at our other guides!

Supplies you will need:

  • A soldering iron you are comfortable using
  • Good (non conductive) flux
  • Coolrunner Rev C (Clone or real)
  • JR-Programmer or Nand-X
  • Kynar Wire
  • A computer running Windows
  • Tweezers (Optional)
  • Wire stripper (Optional)

We recommend having some soldering experience, and take no responsibility for dead boards, mod at your own risk.