Halo 3 Online Revival Project

Halo 3 Sunrise - Public Beta (1.0.1)

Exciting news today!

craftycodie#0642 has been working away at a very cool project which aims to bring a halo fan server up!

Sunrise is a DashLaunch plugin that connects Halo 3 to a fan made gameserver. This initial release restores functionality to Matchmaking for modded and unmodded players.
Every matchmaking playlist is available, and we will be pushing new event playlists like Double EXP in future!

To install it, simply add the plugin to your DashLaunch configuration!

Please note that this is the first public beta release, and as such, it is not feature complete. We’re working hard to bring the following features to you in future:
• File Share
• Bungie Favourites
• More reliable ranking & EXP
• Nameplates
• Playlist Population Counts
• ODST & Reach support


XBOX360HUB MIRROR: Direct Download