RGH 3 Guide

By 15432

Updated on 09/01/2022 (By Larvs#9526)

What is RGH3?

RGH 3 is a new method to glitch your XBOX 360 console. This method only requires 2 wires and some resistors. No glitch chip required.

What consoles work with RGH3?

Phat motherboards

  • Jasper (16mb/256mb/512mb)
  • Falcon

Slim motherboards

  • Trinity
  • Corona (v1 – v6)

Need help understanding what console you have? Use Octal’s Xbox 360 Identification Wizard!

What you're going to need


  • A basic toolkit which includes torx bits
  • A device to read the consoles nand (xFlasher, NAND-X, JR-Programmer, MTX Flasher)
  • Some 28-30awg wrapping wire
  • A soldering iron and some soldering experience as you’ll be working with tiny points.
  • NOTE: Corona V3/V4/V5/V6 motherboards will need a Post Fix Adapter, if you are unsure please follow this diagram:

Resistors and diodes:

  • All Phats: 1x 1n4148 (or similar) Diode
  • All Phats: 1x 22k Resistor: (Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow)
  • Trinity: 1x 3k-10k Resistor: (Brown, Black, Orange, Gold)
  • Corona: 1x 1k Resistor: (Brown, Black, Red, Gold)


Step 1: Tear down your console to the motherboard, follow guides on YouTube if you get stuck!

Step 2: Once torn down, solder your NAND headers to your console. Here are some diagrams for each console variation

NAND header locations

Step 3: Once you connect your NAND reader cables, wire up your RGH3 cables. See below for install points.

RGH3 install diagrams

Step 4: Once you are happy with the points, they are connected properly, and your NAND cables are installed, it’s time to glitch the console!
Give your console standby power and and connect your programmer. Follow the steps below.

J-Runner instructions

Video showcase

Thank you to Octal450 for his amazing J-Runner with Extras
Thank you to 15432 for the discovery of RGH3
Thanks to Orpheus#0001 for Trinity board photos
Guide by Larvs#9526