Xiao360 Glitch Chip & NAND Flasher by Team Rebug released as open source!

The Fine folks over at the Rebug Team (which most famously known for their work in the PS3 scene) have created their version of a Xbox 360 RGH Glitch chip!

Its Open Source so anyone can take a look and improve upon its design & its both a glitch chip and a SPI NAND flasher! So no need to buy both a JRPv2 and Coolrunner/Ace/Matrix. It comes it one perfect package for ALL NON-4GB corona consoles! YAY!

The package contains all GERBERS, BOMS, SOURCE AND BINARY HEX files need to build this bad boy!

“The main benefit I see from this is the chip being open sourced and released to the masses. Anyone with the know how and ability can have these chips fabricated and assembled. No need for any further reverse engineering since all the data we need is there! Anything extra that can be contributed openly to the scene is a positive step forward!”

Xbox360Hub Download Link:

Original Download Links: