360Hub Minecraft Bedrock and Java Server

Custom Worlds

As of today, we finally have our own Minecraft Bedrock Edition server supporting:
(Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows 10, PS4, Switch, Mobile) 

* Bedrock and Java Players Together on the same server the way it should be!
* Custom Terrain Generation with unique villages, dungeons, strongholds, etc!
* Dead Chests keeps your items safe for 3 days while you get back to them. 😉
* Dynmap overview map so you can find your friends and see the world for what it is!
* Instant teleport portals (Upon request)
* Pre-rendered world so less lag!
* Special Spawn protections
* Permissions Systems
* Strong admin tools
* Daily Backups (Every Morning at 2AM EST server will be stopped during this time period ~ 20 mins)

The server isn’t:

Total anarchy, please don’t come in with modded clients or scripts.

A place to mess with players that want to be left alone.

A place to break the 360 Hub’s rules!

Without further ado, happy gaming everyone!

IP: minecraft.xbox360hub.com
Bedrock Port: 19132
Java Port: 25565

PC PLAYERS: If you would like to join, all you need to do is scroll down on the server list and click on the “Add Server” option and enter in the details above ^

CONSOLE PLAYERS: Follow this guides: