XBOX360HUB GAME-NIGHT! CoD BO2 (12-26-20)

Hey, soldiers! You guys fought long and hard for this gamenight, and you finally won! For the last full week of 2020 (Dec 26, 2020), we will be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the very last gamenight of 2020.

Got your nostalgia glasses? Make a full-auto FAL class, complain about how it’s the worst CoD ever,  noobtube on Standoff for the 100th time, and dust off that controller for one more match at the Hub.

Thank you guys so much for the year of gamenights we’ve been through. This gamenight will mean a lot to some people, as I have openly admitted to not doing a BO2 night unless there was a big community demand. You guys took that to note, and relentlessly DM’d me about doing this game. Have a great week, and happy holidays!

See you guys in 2021!