Zephyr RGH2 Tutorial

Learn how to RGH2 your Zephyr System!

Chip: X360ACE V3
Install: Custom RGH2
Tutorial Update: May 2021
Tutorial Video (Soon)
J-Runner with Extras includes the Zephyr RGH2 timings.
If you plan to use a different J-Runner, download the timings here.

Please keep in mind, this tutorial is designed for people who already have RGH experience. It is strongly not recommended to do a Zephyr as a first console. Do a Falcon or Jasper first.

ECC and XeBuild Info:

Read NAND as normal (2 dumps, make sure they match)

J-Runner with Extras will auto load the correct Falcon ECC when you click Create ECC. 

If you are using a different J-Runner, then load it manually from Custom Nand Functions. The file is located in common/ECC/FALCON.ecc

Then, write the ECC as normal.

Get the CPU key like normal after installing the chip.

Before clicking ‘Create XeBuild image’, J-Runner with Extras will automatically switch the motherboard to Falcon.

If you are using a different J-Runner, switch the motherboard to Falcon manually.

SMC+ is strongly suggested to improve booting performance

Timing File Info:

Because we removed the diode and put 1.8V, you must have the Xbox plugged into power in order to program the glitch chip. Or else it won’t work!

I recommend to start with 69.3 0.3. The best timings are:

  • 69.3 0.3
  • 69.3 0.5
  • 69.3 0.6
If using J-Runner with Extras, you can program the timings from the Program Glitch Chip button

Install Guide:

Wire routing recommendations:

Chip placement, 1.8V point, GND to A/V port:


Solder wire from 1.8V on board to 1.8V point on ACE:
Remove the diode. Failing to do so will cause damage to your CPU


Solder 5V, E (SCL) and F (SDA):


Solder C (POST_OUT):


Solder D (CPU_RST):