Zephyr RGH2 Tutorial

Learn how to RGH2 your Zephyr System!

Chip: X360ACE V3
Install: Custom RGH2
Tutorial Update: May 2021
Tutorial Video (Soon)
J-Runner with Extras includes the Zephyr RGH2 timings.
If you plan to use a different J-Runner, download the timings here.

Please keep in mind, this tutorial is designed for people who already have RGH experience. It is strongly not recommended to do a Zephyr as a first console. Do a Falcon or Jasper first.

ECC and XeBuild Info:

Read NAND as normal (2 dumps, make sure they match)

Instead of clicking Create ECC/Write ECC, go to Advanced -> Custom NAND/Glitch Chip Functions, click Write, 16, and load the file J-Runner/common/ECC/FALCON.ECC. Then click Run to write the ECC to the console.

Get the CPU key like normal after installing the chip.

Before clicking ‘Create XeBuild image’, make sure to change the board from ZEPHYR to FALCON. Failure to do so will cause infinite glitching!
You can check SMC+ if you want, it will speed up the failed cycles.

Timing File Info:

Because we removed the diode and put 1.8V, you must have the Xbox plugged into power in order to program the glitch chip. Or else it won’t work!

I recommend to start with 69.3 0.3. The best timings are:

  • 69.3 0.3
  • 69.3 0.5
  • 69.3 0.6
If using J-Runner with Extras, you can program the timings from the Program Glitch Chip button

Install Guide:

Wire routing recommendations:

Chip placement, 1.8V point, GND to A/V port:


Solder wire from 1.8V on board to 1.8V point on ACE:
Remove the diode. Failing to do so will cause damage to your CPU


Solder 5V, E (SCL) and F (SDA):


Solder C (POST_OUT):


Solder D (CPU_RST):